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ID Vision Films is the latest venture in a twenty-year-strong collaboration by Dan Shannon and Isabelle Depelteau, founded on original research and scriptwriting, a curious eye for moving images and an ear for rhythmic editing. More than two dozen films between them, Dan and Isabelle continue to develop and produce innovative stories for global audiences.

Haiti Untold documentary 52 and 76 min.

Haiti Untold offers an unabashed yet hopeful portrait of what is the future holds for Haiti. A striking counterpoint to most of what the media tells you about the country. The film has recently aired on Direct TV is the USA, BSkyB in the UK, CTS in Canada.

Haiti Untold documentary with Sean Penn

Sweet 16: A journey into teen diabetes

Filmed over 5 years in Canada, USA and Ecuador, the film chronicles the highs and lows of teens dealing with a devastating Type 1 diagnosis at such an important crossroad in their life. Some stories are tragic, others are hopeful. Our main protagonist, Katia, brings us deep into the inner-world of teens, which is all about fitting in, body image, and ultimately issues of belonging.

Haiti Untold documentary with Sean Penn

My Quiet Revolution documentary

What has happened to Quebec in the last 2 generations? What is the place left for Québec anglos? Has the emancipation of french Québecers following the Quiet Revolution of the 60’s and 70’s brought with it substantive advancements for the interests of french Québecers? Just what does Québec want? Featuring editorialist cartoonists Aislin (The Gazette), Serge Chapleau (La Presse) and political commentators Marc Laurendeau, Beryl Wajsman.

My Quiet Revolution

Human Interest – Science – History – Arts – Health

These are just a few of the themes our films have touched upon, from shattered post-earthquake Haiti, to the inner-chambers of NASA Labs; from the pages of Canadian history books to the sercret universe of wheelchair dancers; from Global pandemics among teens, to the lesser known lives of Hollywood A-listers, our films tell the soulful stories of voices often never spoken.

Canadian-made Films for a Global Audience

Our seasoned production team has collaborated with nearly all Canadian broadcasters and and many in the USA, Europe, Africa, Middle East, and Australia in financing and distribution of our films. We have a long track record with Canadian and Québec funding agencies, across a range of television and digital media properties. We are constantly seeking out new co-production partners from other markets, as this has led to some of our most exciting work.

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